The richest country in the history of the world should be able to provide affordable health care for all of its citizens. Wealth should not be a determining factor in whether a person gets cured by a doctor. The current healthcare system is run backwards. Providers are rewarded for not curing patients. The more visits a doctor gets and the more tests that can be administered, the more they are paid. The goal should, in fact, be to reduce the need for doctor visits and testing. That’s done by curing people. Providers should be compensated for achieving good outcomes. Healthcare and Medicare also provide important safety nets for innovation. Entrepreneurs and business owners are more likely to take risks and invest in growth if they have some social safety nets backing them up.

We need to improve healthcare by:

  • Expanding Medicaid
  • Universal health coverage with out-of-pocket caps
  • Eliminate exclusions for preexisting conditions
  • Incentivize patients and providers to improve results