NC Gerrymandering V.5

On Tuesday, the state’s top legislators said The U.S. Supreme Court should rule against a lower court that just found North Carolina’s Congressional districts to be illegally gerrymandered.

“In yesterday’s decision, the three-judge panel forecasted voiding the results of primaries and canceling the November election for Congress,” their statement said.

The judges did not say they were going to cancel the November elections.

They said that the state’s Congressional districts are unconstitutional and that they were intentionally drawn to give Republicans an undue amount of power and to diminish the voting rights of non-Republicans.

The judges gave some suggestions to both sides. One was that the state could cancel the results of this spring’s primaries and hold a new primary election with constitutionally acceptable districts in November, followed by a general election before Congress returns in January. Another is to accept the primary winners and have them run in November in new districts.

In the meantime, someone will need to draw new maps for the state. The current maps were drawn up to replace a different set of maps that were also unconstitutional. According to the courts, the current maps are unconstitutional on partisan grounds and the old maps from 2011 were ruled unconstitutional on racial grounds.

Since 2010 we haven’t had a Constitutional election. The current congressional delegation is the result of unfairly biased voting districts and so are not true representatives of North Carolinians or the broad spectrum of their values.