Amending the State Constitution

Do you believe that our state government should be run by and for the benefit of the people? Do you believe in the constitutional separation of the branches of government?

The Republican legislature does not. Friday was the final day of the legislative “short” session, and the Republican super-majority used their unmitigated powers to seize control of North Carolina’s future.

They passed bills that will enable them to pack the courts, using a special session that will convene after November’s elections, to take back the NC Supreme Court with a “lame-duck” Republican majority.

They rejected four out of seven of Governor Cooper’s nominees to state positions for no apparent reasons.

And that’s not even the worst of it…

They added constitutional amendments to November’s ballot that will keep the legislators you elect in the future from being able to do the things you elect them to do:

  • One amendment would take away the power of all the Governors that you ever elect to appoint members to state boards and commissions—more than 300 of them, including those that control education, transportation, utility rates, and environmental protection—and gives it to the legislative branch.
  • A second one sets a tax cap that will limit our ability to fund schools, healthcare, and infrastructure, while shifting the tax burden away from high-income people and onto local sales and property taxes. Thus placing the burden on working class North Carolinians.
  • A third would require a photo ID at the polls, keeping young, elderly and poor North Carolinians from their fundamental right to vote.

But, with your help we can change things;

I’ll be out there meeting voters, talking, listening and working hard to improve schools, health care and the economy (none of which were even addressed by our representatives). Please help bring sense and balance back to North Carolina!


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