Economic Growth, Jobs, & Taxes

The US economy is based primarily on consumerism. By establishing a livable minimum wage and providing basic health and food security, North Carolina’s citizens will be able to spend more. Large corporations and wealthy individuals do not need tax breaks. Supply-side economics is a myth. I lean toward the Keynesian economic model of demand-side intervention. Investment increases when supply is lower than demand. Corporate tax incentives should be tied directly to job creation and retention. Personal taxes should be directly tied to income, the more you make, the more you pay.

Here is my plan for economic development and job growth in Moore County:

  • Revise Tier system of tax distribution
  • Promote small business growth and entrepreneurship
  • Provide high-speed broadband access to rural and economically disadvantaged areas of the county
  • Improve education for 21st Century jobs at high schools and Sandhills CC, including coding, 3D design, and Virtual Reality application