Gun Control & Terrorism

I believe it takes a huge amount of hubris to think that anyone can solve the ISIL-terrorist-jihad problems by “stopping them over there.” This war has been going on for roughly three thousand years. Alexander the Great, Pope Urban II, Saladin and President Truman all believed they could control that area of the world and all were unsuccessful. I am not sure what anyone sees as “new” over there.

What is new is globalization. We have tried with little success to eliminate those whose religious and political beliefs conflict with our own sensibilities. Globalization requires us to protect what is ours. This involves two things: keeping weapons away from those we think to mean us harm, and keeping those who have those ideas away from us.

OK – so how?

First, gun controls. If someone is suspicious enough to be on a no-fly list or other watch lists we are already restricting their constitutional rights. Eliminating access to weapons is relatively minor in that scheme. If you are against this restriction, then you must also be against no-fly lists and watch lists as they more severely constrict the pursuit of happiness.

Second, border safety. We need to protect harbors and airports because this is how unauthorized weapons must enter the country. It is possible that such a threat will walk (or drive) across the Rio Grande or the Grand Tetons but it’s more likely to happen at JFK or Los Angeles.

I urge everyone to support legislation and amendments that restrict access to guns by those who we have already been deemed dangerous. This includes people we don’t want on airplanes and people we don’t believe are mentally stable. Those that are unfairly restricted will need to have redress and that can come later. In the present we need to put a foot down, draw a line in the sand – whatever you want to call it – and stop one wrong person from doing us harm. That is a foundational responsibility of our federal government – to protect its citizens.